April 1, 2012

In recent years, growing concern about the overuse of certain spinal procedures, especially spinal fusion, has led to growing restrictions by payers on such interventions. To counter payer resistance, the spine surgery community needs to stay ahead of the curve by adopting nonsurgical treatment as a bigger part of their practice.

In Incorporating Nonsurgical Procedures in the Continuum of Care for Spine Patients, published in Becker’s Spine Review on April 13, 2012, NAI President Rita E. Numerof, Ph.D. and Consultant Stephen Rothenberg, J.D. make the case for better differential diagnosis and more deliberate use of nonsurgical treatment as a strategy for physicians to reinforce their value focus and diversify their reimbursement base. The discussion was adapted from the authors’ contributed chapter [Developing Value-Based Guidelines for the Treatment of Spinal Disorders] in the just-published book, Defining the Value of Spine Care.