March 1, 2010

Growing local and global competition, major shifts in the power of payers and consumers, shrinking margins, increased regulation and costs make the point — healthcare as it’s traditionally been defined is history. In their article Competing for Patients, published February 16, 2010 in H&HN, authors Rita E. Numerof, Ph.D., President and Bill Ott, M.B.A., Senior Consultant share their perspective on the new business model required to adapt to these rapidly changing market forces, and how hospitals should approach their go-to-market strategies.

The key to success in this market is also at the core of health care reform — provide better care at lower cost. Reflecting on their experience working across the industry developing and implementing more competitive strategy, the authors call for business approaches that provide more economic and clinical value than traditional models. They build a strong case for innovation that creates a truly differentiated and compelling value proposition as the path to being the preferred choice of consumers and payers.