The pandemic has dramatically accelerated many changes across healthcare, and one of them is redefinition of Medical Affairs’ role in commercialization. The shift to virtual detailing and the increased focus on economic and clinical value have implications for Medical Affairs well beyond staffing numbers. These changes demand that Medical Affairs serve as a strategic partner to its Commercial and Clinical counterparts. While a number of manufacturers have addressed the issue of staffing numbers, some are farther along than others in the process of reshaping Medical Affairs to meet the demands of the evolving marketplace.

Numerof & Associates conducted a qualitative survey of Medical Affairs executives to better understand how manufacturers see this problem, and the steps they are taking to address it. We’ve published our analysis in The Future of Medical Affairs: Impact of the Evolving Healthcare Landscape.

Download the report for insight into a number of important topics, including:

  • What steps organizations are taking to reconfigure the role of Medical Affairs
  • How relationships between Medical Affairs and other internal functions such as Clinical and Commercial have been impacted by the evolving market dynamics
  • The impact of the evolving market on the way Medical Affairs engages with external stakeholders
  • New skills and capabilities required for Medical Affairs to play a strategic role within their organizations