Now is the time to get ready for MACRA.  While payment adjustments will not take effect until 2019, 2017 marks the first performance year for providers participating in either the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) or Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs).

What’s at stake for hospital and health system executives?

For starters, cuts to Medicare Part B reimbursement through MIPS will have a direct impact on your bottom line.  In addition, the public release of physicians’ quality and cost rankings under MIPS will also likely influence your referral stream, reputation, and overall market share.

For healthcare delivery executives, the questions are numerous:

  • Which payment track will be the best fit for your employed clinical staff now and moving forward?
  • What’s the potential impact of MIPS penalties/rewards across your employed clinical staff?
  • Do you have the people, processes, and technology in place to accurately collect and report performance data on the different measures?
  • Under MIPS, what strategies should you pursue to help clinicians perform well on these measures in order to receive bonus payments?
  • Does your organization have the capabilities, structure, technologies, processes, incentives, and culture necessary for assuming risk under “eligible” APMs? What APMs are the best fit for your organization?

Ensure you’re ready for MACRA

Numerof can help you assess your options, review your performance, and prepare for MACRA implementation.  Our proprietary diagnostic framework uses qualitative and quantitative methods for measuring readiness that allow us to zero in on pressure points and issues that put organizations at risk.

Specifically, as part of our comprehensive MACRA readiness assessment, Numerof will:

  • Model the potential impact of MIPS penalties/rewards across your employed physician base
  • Provide a report card identifying any cultural, capability, procedural, infrastructure or other gaps that may impede your organization’s ability to assume risk
  • Define concrete actions to ensure that your organization can pursue APMs with confidence
  • Provide recommendations regarding if and/or when the organization should transition from MIPS to the APM track

To learn more about how Numerof can help your organization prepare to succeed under MACRA, contact us.