Driven by unsustainable cost increases, increased public and regulatory scrutiny, as well as shifting alliances, healthcare is undergoing a radical transformation.  New competitors, value-conscious employers and consumers, new technologies, changing payment models, and shrinking reimbursements are altering where and how care is delivered.  As a result, healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver differentiated outcomes, excellent patient experience, and manage quality and total cost of care – across the continuum – in order to remain competitive.

Clinical processes are at the core of the seismic change that’s under way, and hospital systems need physician leaders who can play a central role in restructuring these to fit new requirements.  Unfortunately, many health systems have fallen short in attracting future physician leaders and equipping them to be effective drivers of innovation and organizational change.  Acknowledging the challenge of developing leadership skills, healthcare systems must take a hard look at the motivational, educational, and organizational barriers to cultivating future physician leaders.

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