While the pandemic has continued to accelerate changes to the pharma business model, other factors – healthcare consolidation, the upcoming election, passage of the IRA – are impacting all aspects of development, commercialization, and market access.

In response to these market dynamics, manufacturers have been adapting their commercial approaches. But which of those changes are permanent? What additional capabilities do organizations need to succeed in the “new normal”? What has Covid-19 shown us about weaknesses in the traditional commercial model?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tomorrow’s commercial model. Many factors shape what the optimal model will be for a given organization.

Numerof & Associates recently conducted its third annual survey of industry executives to understand the post-pandemic evolution of the commercial model. The pandemic disrupted the old commercial model, and industry participants are working to reconceptualize what it should look like going forward.

Download the report to get insight into important topics, including:

  • The factors that differentially shape the commercial model for each organization
  • Types of skills and capabilities that will be required
  • The role virtual detailing will play
  • What leaders believe will be critical to success