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Selling to Complex, Evolving Customers

Ready for Risk Sharing? Challenges and Implications for Manufacturers

Value & Outcomes Spotlight

With spiraling costs and outcomes that consistently lag many other developed nations, the U.S. healthcare system is in the midst of fundamental change.  In response, payers have been exploring ways to restructure payments (and risk) to increase accountability for cost and quality.  Thus far, most activity has occurred between payers…

Planning for Success in an IDN Environment


Increasingly, manufacturers are feeling pressure to modify their commercial models in light of changes in the market environment. As healthcare delivery organizations consolidate into integrated delivery networks (IDNs) product decision-making processes are changing. The shift to institutional decision-making impacts how purchase decisions get made, by whom, and the criteria used,…

The Three Critical Steps Needed for Building a New Commercial Model


Driven by new reimbursement requirements from CMS (and echoed by private payers), healthcare delivery organizations are facing an unprecedented increase in their accountability for the quality and cost of care. This has profound implications for the commercial approach that manufacturers take to the market. One clear consequence of this increased…

Adapting to the Evolving Healthcare Delivery Marketplace


Earlier this year, HHS secretary Sylvia Burwell announced that by 2018, at least half of all Medicare payments would be made through programs that put providers at risk for quality, cost, or value. On the heels of that announcement came another by the Health Care Transformation Task Force that also…

When Care Models Collide

Pharmaceutical Executive

Healthcare companies are being challenged to reduce costs while delivering innovative, quality care. A host of factors—shrinking reimbursement, penalties for quality shortfalls, more assertive payers, and the increasing transparency of provider pricing—are challenging traditional operating assumptions. Some of these changes are mandated by recent legislation, and others are market responses…

The Future of the U.S. Oncology Market

Numerof Whitepaper

Long taken for granted, premium oncology drug pricing is coming under fire. Payers are experimenting with new tools to manage oncology costs. Emerging reimbursement models separate physician income from prescribing decisions. Providers, payers, and patients are increasingly asking about cost-effectiveness, quality of life, and outcomes. Are you ready for the…