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Developing a Robust Portfolio

Pharma Marketing: Successful Approaches to Market Segmentation


In our continuing series on the topic of market transformation within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, we have highlighted the need for a more sophisticated, strategic approach to market segmentation. Several factors are combining to require successful companies to approach market segmentation more effectively. These factors include market dynamics, shifts…

Post Marketing Safety Surveillance — A Call to Action

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Exacerbated by recalls and other issues in recent headlines, medical device companies operating on a global basis face an expanding set of legal and regulatory risks and concerns around product safety. Scrutiny from the public and regulators is increasingly focused on ensuring product safety, as demonstrated by FDA funding increases…

Impact of the Changing Reimbursement Landscape


Recent legislation and growing anxiety about debt have put healthcare in the spotlight, where it’s likely to stay for an indefinite period. Payers and providers are under enormous pressure to reduce costs and improve quality, manifested in the increasing experimentation with ACOs, bundled pricing, and other alternative delivery models. As…

The Medical Voice — From Product Development to Post-Market Surveillance

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The medical device industry is in the midst of a redefining transformation, posing both opportunities and threats to manufacturers’ current business model. Global device companies must address significant operational challenges to ensure that monitoring and safety surveillance practices address growing concerns about the safety of products introduced to the market.…

Orphan Drugs — Niche Strategy, Mainstream Potential

BioPharm International

While historically on the margins of R&D spend, orphan drug development increasingly looks like a strategy whose time has arrived for delivering value in drug development. The blockbuster model is wearing thin — the pressure for lower cost drugs with better outcomes flies in the face of the “one-size-fits-all” approach…

A 25-Year Retrospective on Orphan Drugs

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In 1988, the Orphan Drug Act was barely five years old and still coming of age in the industry. Created in 1983, the act provided financial incentives (including research grants, tax credits for development costs, and seven years of market exclusivity) to sponsors of products intended for conditions affecting fewer…