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Navigating Emerging Markets — Middle East and North Africa

BioPharm International

The Middle East and North Africa have been rocked in recent years by upheaval ranging from moderate protest to full-scale revolution, leading to a variety of changes in government, and more changes to come.  Still, medical products companies such as GE Healthcare have described the region as its “hidden jewel,”…

Navigating Emerging Markets – South Korea

BioPharm International

South Korea is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical market. Previously considered a developing economy, this country was reclassified as a developed economy in 2010, though it is still considered an emerging market. In recent years, South Korea’s high growth rate has continued amid worldwide economic downturns and is expected to continue…

Navigating Emerging Markets – Southeast Asia

BioPharm International

Southeast Asia is a growing pharmaceutical market. Much like Latin America, the countries of southeast Asia, especially the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam), have taken initial steps towards seeking more harmonized regulation of pharmaceutical…

Navigating Emerging Markets – Latin America

BioPharm International

Like Eastern Europe, Latin America is one of the top emerging markets.  This region shows a great deal of diversity in its approach to pharmaceutical products as a result of differences in economics, resources, access to care, and definition of regulatory requirements by country. Common guidelines from groups like the…

Navigating Emerging Markets – Eastern Europe

BioPharm International

The regulatory environment in Europe is evolving, with significant effort to make regulations – including those governing pharmaceuticals and medical devices – more uniform across the region. Change toward harmonization has come in waves and been characterized by country assimilation into the European Union. Thus, countries can be grouped by…

Navigating Emerging Markets

Numerof Brief

The global market for pharmaceuticals and medical devices continues to grow rapidly, and in response, manufacturers are moving to align their market strategy and product pipeline to meet emerging, unmet needs. Companies exploring opportunities in global markets face dynamic demographic and disease trends, changing market demands, and evolving regulatory requirements…