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Consolidation and Competition

Healthcare Consolidation and What It Means for Manufacturers


As has been true in years past, recent industry consolidation and attempts to leverage size and scale are being used to stave off competitive threat. In the 1990s, hospitals and systems embarked on massive affiliations and buying sprees. Independent hospitals fled to the safety of systems. Hospitals scooped up primary…

Retooling Your Sales Function to Ensure Market Access


Just as landmark scientific advances have accelerated the pace of innovation, rising costs and demands for affordable healthcare are challenging the economics and traditional business assumptions of the industry. Markets are becoming fragmented as physicians, providers, patients, and payers look for focused solutions that have optimal efficacy and safety profiles…

Building Value for Payers, Patients, and Physicians

Product Management Today

An aging population, technological advances, and societal attitudes regarding what health care can and should be delivered to all members of society have produced rapidly rising health care costs. As a consequence, there is a major global trend toward more stringent assessment of the costs and benefits of treatments produced…