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Competition and Growth

The Silver Tsunami

Physician Leadership Journal

There is a looming population group poised to impact the US healthcare system with a voracious appetite for healthcare. The group has been dubbed the ‘silver tsunami’– a name that our research shows first appeared in a 2002 paper by University of Nevada, Reno professor Mary Finn Maples. So how…

How to Get Premium Reimbursement for Premium Care

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More than a decade of spiraling healthcare inflation combined with fiscal contraction and stagnant wage growth have put the cost of care in the spotlight.  Payers and employers are increasingly looking to reduce their healthcare expenditures, while still obtaining high quality care for their subscribers and employees.  Simultaneously, there is…

Creating Disruptive Innovation

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The outlook for private health insurance remains fraught with uncertainty.  After decades of financial success, it’s difficult for many in the industry to think about meaningfully changing the current model beyond responding to the latest reinterpretation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, no business model cast in stone can…

Healthcare Alliances — Ensuring ROI from an Affiliation

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The most difficult challenges hospitals face in an affiliation or acquisition are not price or financial due diligence, but cultural issues.  In fact, the most significant problems that occur post-acquisition usually are directly attributable to insufficient integration planning, a poorly defined vision for the combined company, and an underestimation of…

Transparency in Healthcare: Coming to Your Hospital Soon!


In August, 2013, Priority Health claimed the title of first health plan in Michigan to publish specific, regionalized health care costs and quality information by procedure, facility and physician.  The company launched this tool so plan members could review and compare prices and quality for more than 300 of the…