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Achieving Market Access

ECV as Marketing Strategy: What Payer Changes Mean for Your Business


As payers around the globe increasingly demand more data regarding a product’s value – from comparative information to real-world evidence – companies will need to build the infrastructure and capability set to meet these demands.  These changing requirements for reimbursement have implications that extend from product development through commercialization.  To successfully…

The Bar for Product Reimbursement Just Moved Higher

Numerof Brief

After seeing their products being rejected in recent years by reimbursement agencies overseas, pharmaceutical manufacturers are suffering the same fate in the U.S., as PBMs refuse to include a growing list of drugs on their formularies.  The country’s largest PBM, Express Scripts, recently announced that 48 products, including a range…

Expanding Your Market Access Capability


Historically, market access has been seen as the last step in the commercialization process. However, this orientation is increasingly out of step with market reality. Manufacturers face growing resistance from providers who, squeezed by shrinking reimbursement, require economic and clinical value data that establishes the marginal impact of a new product relative to…

Market Access — Global Challenges for Oncology Drugs


Oncology drug and biologics makers face increasing demands for data that demonstrates the benefit and cost-effectiveness of their products. Not only are treatment cost increases considered unsustainable, questions about new product effectiveness are being openly raised by physicians and payers alike. Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly being expected to demonstrate the…

Real World Evidence: Medical Device and Diagnostic Perspectives


The life sciences industry faces an unprecedented number of challenges led by concerns about escalating healthcare costs. With a consolidating payer base increasingly driving healthcare decision-making, more evidence of both safety and effectiveness is required than randomized clinical trials (RCTs) — the familiar “gold standard” — can offer. Against this…

The New Wave of Product Positioning


As the rules for success change, pharmaceutical and medical device companies must rethink their approach to the market. One critical element that requires transformation is product positioning. Historically, a product’s ‘value’ was determined by clinicians as they made decisions about which products to use for their patients. Yet, there is…