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Achieving Market Access

The Future of the U.S. Oncology Market

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Long taken for granted, premium oncology drug pricing is coming under fire. Payers are experimenting with new tools to manage oncology costs. Emerging reimbursement models separate physician income from prescribing decisions. Providers, payers, and patients are increasingly asking about cost-effectiveness, quality of life, and outcomes. Are you ready for the…

Distribution of Sales and Marketing Spend Must Change


In recent years, pharma companies have reduced their cost base in response to decreasing revenues due in part to patent expirations and thin pipelines.  Companies have taken the budget axe to both their R&D and Sales organizations, often drastically reorganizing R&D in an effort to generate improved productivity.  While considerable…

Are De Facto Price Controls Imminent?


By and large the pharmaceutical industry has escaped price controls in the U.S. — especially when compared to other markets around the world.  Is this situation tenable, and if not, what will the implications be for the industry? Since 2003, Congress has prohibited Medicare from negotiating drug prices directly with…

Using Data to Link Product Value and Price


While the pharmaceutical and medical device industries have found themselves in a turbulent healthcare marketplace rife with changing regulations, new competitive challenges, and increasing pricing pressures, the end goal for manufacturers remains the same — product reimbursement and optimal pricing.  These two terms are regularly linked together because reimbursement is…

Key Considerations for Entering Into Risk Sharing


Anyone looking at the healthcare system in the U.S. agrees that the dual goals of any reform have to be better outcomes at lower cost.  However these two factors, cost and quality, have not previously been linked — a situation that is almost unique to healthcare.  Imagine purchasing a new…

Changing Payer Perspectives on Market Access Across the G-5


It was less than a decade ago that most pharmaceutical manufacturers considered market access the last step in the commercialization process… maybe even something that happened post-launch! However it has become increasingly clear that this approach must change. Companies exploring opportunities in global markets face dynamic demographic and disease trends,…