Proven techniques to help your team improve practice efficiency and outcomes

In the new era of accountable care and at-risk payment, effective management of chronic conditions can make or break your cost and quality results. Patient interactions at the outpatient clinic represent your best opportunity to intervene. But without the knowledge, processes, and tools needed to manage population health, your staff can’t effectively prevent unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations.

Designed by leading clinical specialists and grounded in current standards of care, cdmPhysician equips your clinicians to optimize both practice efficiency and patient outcomes. This accredited program utilizes proven adult education techniques to address a wide range of stakeholder needs, helping clinical teams reduce cost and improve quality metrics for patients with diabetes, congestive heart failure, and other chronic diseases.

cdmPhysician enables providers to:

  • Make care delivery more efficient and effective with training in the latest patient management techniques and standards of care;
  • Enhance patient throughput by structuring roles such that clinicians practice at the limit of their license;
  • Improve patient outcomes with insight into the latest technologies supporting patient engagement and adherence;
  • Attract new patients with greater care model differentiation; and
  • Capture all appropriate reimbursement.
cdmPhysician gives your staff the knowledge, processes, and tools to deliver more efficient care and better outcomes, preventing complications and costly hospitalizations.

cdmPhysician includes three components: a practice optimization assessment, customized training, and advanced implementation support.

Practice Optimization Assessment

The starting point for cdmPhysician is a brief diagnostic snapshot of your chronic disease management capabilities. Probing areas such as staff roles, adherence to current disease management standards, patient throughput, collection of data to substantiate care model value, and use of technology, our assessment provides a clear picture of the current state, gaps, and opportunities.

Customized Training

Behavior change is at the heart of effective chronic disease management, both for patients and clinicians. Unlike typical CME programs, cdmPhysician training uses proven adult education techniques and engages clinicians in the process of implementing the Chronic Care Model and achieving improvements in outcomes and financial performance across the continuum of care.

Your practice is unique. That’s why we use our Practice Optimization Assessment to tailor the content of our workshops for every client. From incorporating shared medical appointments and understanding the latest evidence-based standards, to applying methodologies for overcoming clinical inertia and acquiring skills such as motivational interviewing, cdmPhysician content is customized to the needs of your organization.

Advanced Implementation Support

With over 25 years of experience helping clients across the global healthcare sector define, deliver, and demonstrate value, Numerof can help your practice address a wide range of challenges. Risk stratification of patients and populations, managing variation in cost and quality, preparing for bundled pricing and other new payment models, reconfiguring care models and pathways, and monetizing the value of care delivered are just some of the services we provide to leading healthcare delivery organizations.

Everyone has ideas for improving operations and outcomes, but the challenge is often in choosing the best ideas and implementing them. Numerof can help you develop the skills and systems needed to optimize the health of the population you serve in a cost-effective manner.

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