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The Numerof 2021 US Health Insurance Outlook


As our Numerof 2021 US Health Insurance Outlook infographic illustrates, this year’s story for health insurance will be about dramatically changing roles and relationships. You’ll engage in new and different ways with providers, consumers, employers, regulators, medical device makers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. All this will come in the context of…

Accelerating the Shift of Care to Lower Cost Settings


The migration of care from inpatient (IP) to outpatient (OP) and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) settings is revolutionizing healthcare delivery. The trend began with cataract and cosmetic surgery moving from IP to OP and ASC settings more than a decade ago, and now the list of ASC procedures has grown…

How to Pick the Right Provider Partner for a Value-Based Care Arrangement


As the healthcare industry continues to move toward value-based delivery and payment models, payers must rethink the way they engage with provider partners. Building new payer-provider collaborations will be critical to success in a value-based healthcare world where both parties share financial risk for achieving health outcomes. Under such models,…

Payer-Provider Collaboration: Time to Bury the Hatchet


In the healthcare industry, the relationship between payers and providers has long been adversarial–and it’s become counterproductively so. Financially unsustainable Affordable Care Act exchanges and CO-OPs are collapsing all over the country (seven since Oct. 1 alone). Major player UnitedHealth Group is threatening to withdraw from the marketplaces entirely in…