• This leading global pharmaceutical company had invested heavily to prepare for the move to value, with particular emphasis on the U.S. market.
  • With an unusually strong evidence basis across its portfolio representing a number of key therapeutic areas, it relied on the power of its science to ensure differentiation.
  • New medical and commercial leadership recognized the need for an approach that would ensure continued product differentiation in light of downward reimbursement pressure and changes in product decision making.
  • Numerof was engaged to establish differentiated scientific and medical narratives for key components of the portfolio, including respiratory and oncology, in-market and soon to launch products.



  • For each product, Numerof’s work included several major components:
    1) evidence assessment, gaps, and investment prioritization; 2) creation of a value narrative for medical engagement; 3) development of field engagement resources; and 4) commercial engagement support.
  • Numerof conducted comprehensive ecvAssessments® using its proprietary approach.  Work began with an objective analysis of the strength of each product’s economic and clinical data, secondary research of competitive clinical programs and positioning to identify opportunities for differentiation; and recommendations to strengthen product positioning with payers, population-based decision makers (PBDMs), and KOLs.
  • Based on each assessment, Numerof developed a value narrative for medical engagement and tested it with key external stakeholders. Numerof then created a field engagement resource that would resonate with specific customers, including payers, PBDMs, and KOLs.
  • Projects were designed to ensure ongoing collaboration with the client and included representatives from the brand team, payer marketing, medical affairs, medical information, and field-based medical and health outcomes liaisons.




  • The process resulted in strong buy-in from across the global organization.  Consistency in messaging and better use of scientific data have driven greater efficiency and market access.
  • The work has been broadly recognized by senior leadership across the medical and commercial organizations and has become the model for evidence generation and deployment going forward.