Numerof helped this well-known academic healthcare system respond to competitive pressure. Our comprehensive analysis and implementation support led to reduced LOS, better alignment, enhanced service lines and care, and $76M in annual cost savings.


  • Facing intense competitive pressure in its sizeable market, this well-known academic healthcare system needed to simultaneously improve patient care and reduce cost.
  • Recognizing the vital importance of customer experience and unimpeded patient throughput to cost and quality across the continuum, this client engaged Numerof to conduct an assessment of factors leading to suboptimal experience, lack of integration, and variation in cost and quality.


  • Numerof conducted a comprehensive analysis of process, outcomes, cost, quality, satisfaction, and length of stay data for selected therapeutic areas.
  • To address bottlenecks and improve throughput, we conducted activity value analyses for critical functions and evaluated processes from admission to discharge and beyond, including engagement of healthcare resources outside the system.
  • We also assessed key organizational infrastructure elements, including decision authority, role definition, incentives, accountabilities, and cultural alignment across the system. Through our job charter methodology, we redefined managerial roles to ensure accountability for strategic priorities‎, ‎including the success of length of stay and continuum of care ‎initiatives.


  • Numerof’s recommendations laid out the structure and defined the infrastructure requirements for more cohesive service lines, enhancing cultural alignment, optimizing care across the continuum, and improving the flow of patients through the facility and the community.
  • $76M in annual cost savings were identified and subsequently captured. Our recommendations for better tracking and reporting of internal data ‎improved ‎the client’s ability to identify operational inefficiencies and adverse trends‎.
  • Numerof was also engaged to support implementation; this work was the springboard for subsequent work with external partners and within the system and university.