A global asset management firm encountered problems integrating overseas acquisitions. Numerof diagnosed the key issues and developed a model for evaluating targets and capturing value that was implemented on a global basis.


  • This global asset management firm had encountered problems integrating overseas acquisitions into its main line of business as part of a global portfolio.
  • The anticipated value of the acquisition targets was not being realized due to failure to adequately consider regional variation in regulation, markets, culture, and business practices, or due to an inability to adapt to that variation once the acquisition was complete.


  • Numerof helped the organization define the relevant factors for evaluating and capturing acquisition value.
  • We developed and operationalized a model by which information critical for due diligence could be obtained, analyzed, and incorporated into M&A strategy.
  • Numerof trained client staff in the use of the model to ensure effective integration of acquisitions.
  • We also provided comprehensive training in the management of such complex projects to those who were charged with executing the M&A process.


  • Our client implemented the model on a global basis.
  • The company has rapidly become a major force in the asset management industry worldwide, largely as a result of a series of highly successful acquisitions and a differentiated strategy.