Facing potential commoditization and certain reimbursement pressure, this nationally prominent network of hospitals engaged Numerof to strengthen its value case. Our work helped secure contracts with payers and employers, embedded a new organizational focus on data to demonstrate outcomes, and continues to support growth efforts.


  • A nationally prominent network of hospitals faced increasing reimbursement pressure and demands for better health outcomes at lower cost.
  • Commoditization was also a growing risk, as the gap between the client’s care model and those of its competitors was rapidly narrowing. In addition, movement toward increased transparency and new payment models meant that competing on the value of care delivered would only become more important.
  • Recognizing these significant threats, senior management looked to Numerof for support in making a rigorous case for economic and clinical value.


  • Numerof partnered with this client to conceptualize and construct a compelling narrative that would help payers, employers, and other stakeholders understand the differentiated value of their care model, both organization-wide and for specific service lines.
  • We started by developing a strategic framework for enhancing and articulating an evidence-based economic and clinical value case, which was grounded in a comprehensive assessment of the market context, internal capabilities, and available supporting data.
  • Subsequent work spanned strategy development, including identification and prioritization of potential research-based marketing claims, and implementation, including research design, analysis, and development of marketing tools for key stakeholders.
  • Numerof structured and developed a robust, research-backed “toolkit” of payer-oriented presentation materials that articulated the value of key components of the client’s care model. We also developed a set of data-rich patient case studies reflecting the emerging focus on real-world evidence (RWE) and personalized care.
  • To embed and sustain a new focus on data to demonstrate outcomes, Numerof engaged leadership team members and established a working group that extended the impact of our efforts across the organization. We also provided guidance, structure, insight, analytic and marketing support, and advice to client team members in identifying and executing on opportunities to bring outcomes research to dialogues with key stakeholders.


  • Numerof’s work provided a template for understanding and communicating the value of the client’s care model to key stakeholders, particularly payers and employers. This resource and approach will be increasingly important as new payment and delivery models (such as bundled pricing and population health management) and a focus on outcomes become even more prominent in the market.
  • The practical tools we developed helped secure contracts with payers and employers and allowed the client to make strong value claims with real-world, data-driven examples.
  • Insights and recommendations from our assessment formed the basis of messaging for national advertising and PR campaigns.