In the face of performance shortfalls, a financial services company trusted Numerof to identity the causes, restructure core processes, and redefine roles to support growth efforts.


  • This highly regarded financial services company sought to improve profitability in a highly competitive environment.
  • The organization had experienced significant performance shortfalls, and sought Numerof’s support in identifying and addressing issues.


  • Numerof worked closely with management in critical areas such as strategic marketing, sales, and key account management to effect dramatic cultural change.
  • In the course of this multiyear engagement, we conducted analyses to identify the causes of performance issues, helped the company restructure distinct lines of business, and redefined roles and responsibilities to support organic and acquisitive growth efforts.
  • Numerof also provided guidance on management of distribution networks, product development and pricing strategies for the core business, partnerships and joint ventures, and market development for new products and services.


  • Numerof’s work led to greater accountability for performance objectives, better core processes, and improved individual and organizational performance.
  • The company has sustained growth in an intensely competitive environment, developed new lines of business, improved profitability, and maintained its reputation as a highly desirable employer.