A leading global device manufacturer needed to understand the changing market and identify new business models. Numerof pressure tested strategies and identified new ones to help them maintain their advantage.


  • This leading global device manufacturer faced significant opportunities and threats in light of U.S. healthcare market dynamics.
  • The client believed that maintaining a leadership position would require the development of new business models, alliances, and potential acquisitions.
  • Despite significant internal efforts focused on understanding market shifts and developing new business model concepts, the client determined that external assistance would be useful to more deeply understand the implications of these shifts and validate model assumptions.


  • Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the shifting healthcare environment and the impact on manufacturers, payers, and providers, Numerof conducted a critical assessment of the assumptions and reasoning behind the client’s proposed business model concepts, including its market research and data.
  • In addition, Numerof identified a number of new concepts the client had not yet considered, focusing specifically on the client’s goal of protecting and growing its core business and its strategic relationship with payers, providers, and consumers.
  • Numerof used a structured, proprietary framework to ensure consistent quantitative evaluation of each model.
  • We identified risks and opportunities and recommended specific strategies the company should pursue with rationale for go/no go decisions, summarizing our findings in a report and presentations to senior leadership.


  • Numerof’s recommendations for the US market were so well accepted that executives asked us to present them to the global leadership team. They serve as the basis for current marketing, acquisition, and brand activity.
  • The client continues to experience double-digit growth in a challenged market.