Numerof enabled a global pharmaceutical company to exceed their market access goals by helping them demonstrate product value in the face of growing market restrictions.


  • This global specialty pharmaceutical company was preparing a novel, first-in-class therapeutic product for market launch pending regulatory approval.
  • In light of increasing market restrictions, the company was interested in effectively demonstrating the product’s value to payers to ensure market access and reimbursement.


  • Numerof performed a comprehensive assessment focused on unmet clinical needs, the competitive set, physicians’ current prescribing patterns, and reimbursement requirements established by payers.
  • We identified how payers have previously responded to new products in this market space and were likely to respond given the evolving market dynamics.
  • Numerof also conducted research to define specific market challenges and threats for the company to consider in current and future planning efforts.
  • Following this assessment, Numerof developed a value proposition that reflected the product’s economic and clinical value.
  • We provided concrete recommendations regarding realistic and compelling inputs to the company’s economic and clinical models to ensure reimbursement consistent with the product’s value.
  • As part of these recommendations, Numerof emphasized the importance of conducting specific post-launch studies and analyses that continue to demonstrate the product’s effectiveness and financial impact.


  • The company exceeded its market access goals and has initiated a post-launch study that will continue to support its value with payers throughout the product’s lifecycle.