Numerof helped this manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products keep pace with a changing market and an evolving customer base by defining a new approach to strategic account management, redesigning roles and processes, and supporting implementation.


  • This integrated manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products faced challenges in its market as a result of industry consolidation, significant changes in regulations and heightened competitive intensity.
  • Healthcare delivery systems had taken on a more active and demanding role in managing their purchasing decisions and group purchasing organizations were under greater pressure.
  • Numerof was engaged to help develop strategies to meet these market challenges.


  • Numerof defined new approaches to the marketplace and developed new business models to accommodate both commoditized and high-end solutions.
  • Our initial assessment found that customer analysis and segmentation were inadequate, with a lack of clear and specific value propositions that acknowledged the needs of different customer segments. Additionally, lack of role clarity and critical commercial competencies undermined competitive positioning.
  • To address these issues, Numerof designed an integrated operational model for strategic account management.
  • The new model included a systematic process for customer segmentation and targeting, as well as the development of differentiated value propositions (including new “service wraps” to support product sales).
  • Numerof redesigned field roles, defined an approach to developing required competencies, and established a new algorithm for resource deployment. We also developed tools and programs to support the new commercial model.


  • With Numerof’s support, the client implemented our recommendations, enhancing their relationships with IDNs and GPOs.