Customers are expecting more of health care providers. The national debate about skyrocketing costs, concerns about quality and lack of transparency — plus the fact that consumers are shouldering more responsibility for the cost of insurance and treatment — have placed health care delivery in the crosshairs.

Employees insured under group plans are paying a larger share of premiums and are migrating to high-deductible plans that trade lower premiums for more exposure to care expenditures. With 30 percent of covered employees enrolled in such plans, sensitivity to price and other value elements is growing. (See “Reshaping Health Care: Best Performers Leading the Way” by Towers Watson and the National Business Group on Health, 2013.) These consumers are demanding more from providers — either directly or through their employers and insurers.

Providers need to be aware of these emerging market requirements and build their competitive capability to meet these needs. Those providers that can demonstrate they deliver greater value — in terms of both cost and quality — will be able to differentiate themselves and generate sustainable competitive advantage in a challenging marketplace.

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