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Key Takeaways from Numerof’s 6th Annual State of Population Health Survey


Numerof’s annual State of Population Health Survey is fast becoming the benchmark for change in healthcare delivery. Our sixth annual report reflects input from nearly 300 executives across the country on how their population health journey is going, how they feel about it, and what’s getting in the way. For a shortcut…

Numerof State of Population Health Survey

Population health management has been a national topic of conversation, but to date little effort has been devoted to tracking the actual progress that’s been made toward this new model of care. Now in its sixth year, Numerof’s State of Population Health survey provides an in-depth, national look at the…

It’s Time for Pharma to Reimagine a New Role for Medical Affairs

Pharmaceutical Executive

Among the many trends accelerated by the pandemic was the overhaul of pharma’s commercial model. It was tacitly understood to be ripe for change – the cost was increasingly conspicuous, and the results increasingly suspect. The prior model had grown out of step with field realities. Employed physicians had less…

IP Giveaway Threatens the Future of Pharma


Even Less Incentive for Pharma to Innovate Threatens Global Health & Our Economy


Science: Our Covid-19 Savior, and Manufacturers’ Key to Future Vaccine Success

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