We expect the outcome of the recent presidential election to accelerate the pace of change for healthcare delivery. The underlying dynamic – affordability and effectiveness of current care models — has yet to be substantially addressed by changes to the reimbursement system.  As our 2017 Healthcare Delivery Outlook infographic illustrates, the story of healthcare delivery this year will be about finding a new and more sustainable model through changes in roles and relationships.  Hospitals, systems and IDNs, as buyers, sellers and partners, will engage in new and different ways with CMS, payers, consumers, employers, pharma and device suppliers, physicians, retail clinics and post-acute care.

With pharma and device suppliers, delivery will have more opportunities for risk sharing and outcomes collaboration.  It will also explore new strategies for responding to the high cost of specialty drugs and assessing the impact of supplier mergers.

As deductibles and copays increase, more consumers will become healthcare shoppers seeking transparency.  Meanwhile, employers will engage in more direct contracting, while payers seek joint ventures with delivery, especially around ACOs.  Payers will also pursue more risk based reimbursement arrangements.

The continued need to integrate the care continuum, from beginning to end, will enlarge delivery’s role as a partner with retail and urgent care clinics, physicians and post-acute care providers.  They and delivery will increasingly be sharing data, standardizing processes and aligning incentives.

Given this outlook, what’s next?  We recommend these key action steps:

At Numerof & Associates, we support healthcare delivery organizations in achieving these key action steps for success in today’s evolving healthcare landscape. From competitive strategy to implementation of new payment and delivery models, we have solutions. Read more about our perspectives and solutions for healthcare delivery and see our case studies.

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