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Numerof Interviewed on CMS’ New “What’s Covered” App

January 28, 2019

Managing Partner Michael Abrams spoke with The Daily Caller about CMS’ new app, What’s Covered, designed to help seniors engage with Original Medicare, and how it can be further developed as a health tool. Abrams noted that it may take some adjusting on both the developer side and beneficiary side for…

Numerof Interviewed on Walmart-CVS Caremark Pricing Dispute

January 18, 2019

Dr. Rita Numerof talked with The Daily Caller about Walmart and CVS Caremark’s temporary split over prescription drug prices and what the resolution means for consumers. Those that rely on Walmart’s convenient accessibility – especially in rural areas where other reasonable options may not exist – are the most notable…

Numerof Interviewed on Non-Traditional Players in Healthcare

January 15, 2019

Managing Partner Michael Abrams talked with Healthcare Informatics about non-traditional players in healthcare and how they are shaking up the sector. Michael shared that much of healthcare delivery is obsessed with “big data,” but they have hardly scratched the surface using the data they already own. This is a very…

Numerof Interviewed on CMS’ New Price Transparency Rule

January 14, 2019

Managing Partner Michael Abrams talked with MedCityNews on the CMS’ rule requiring the disclosure of hospital prices and how it could be the catalyst to a bigger conversation about transparency in healthcare. I think putting those prices out there – even with the acknowledgement that these aren’t the prices anyone…

Numerof Interviewed on CMS Accreditation Reform

January 5, 2019

Dr. Rita Numerof spoke with Modern Healthcare about CMS’ investigation into Medicare accreditors and conflicts-of-interest. Numerof shared that greater enforcement in how accreditors set up consultancy relationships could level the playing field, but also noted that any changes could face fierce opposition from industry stakeholders. Read the full story at…

Numerof Interviewed on Price Transparency Rule

January 4, 2019

Managing Partner Michael Abrams talked to FierceHealthcare about the CMS Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) rule that went into effect on January 1 and how market players can help further advance transparency in healthcare. Quite frankly, it’s going to put providers on the back foot. I think it will force the…