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Organizational Alignment

Critical Management Tools for Getting Costs Under Control

Physician Leadership Journal

As the national debate continues over spending, deficits, taxes and the fiscal direction of he country, one point of general agreement is that fundamental change to the American healthcare system is needed: healthcare costs must be brought under control. As hospitals grapple with ways to adapt, physician leaders have a critical…

Engaging Boards in the Transition from Volume to Value

Healthcare Executive

Hospitals face profound operational and cultural challenges in meeting the demands of value based reimbursement, reference pricing and transparency. As they take on more risk and focus on outcomes based performance, Boards as well will struggle with the need for transformational change — what it means for their organization and…

Healthcare Alliances — Ensuring ROI from an Affiliation

Numerof Brief

The most difficult challenges hospitals face in an affiliation or acquisition are not price or financial due diligence, but cultural issues.  In fact, the most significant problems that occur post-acquisition usually are directly attributable to insufficient integration planning, a poorly defined vision for the combined company, and an underestimation of…

Healthcare Alliances — Considerations for Leadership

Numerof Brief

As the pressure to deal with a dynamic market and changing regulatory environment continues to increase, many hospitals are considering some form of affiliation or acquisition to bolster their competitive position.  Healthcare consolidation is driven by a number of factors, most often including the need to build referrals, gain market…

What Service Lines Are Really Supposed to Do

Becker's Hospital Review

Delivery organizations face growing pressure to raise quality, reduce costs and increase revenues in an environment of reimbursement constraints, demographic shifts and accelerating technological change. New types of competition are emerging, more nimbly developing better business models that “cherry pick” the highest margin business. And as patients bear more responsibility…

4 Cultural Challenges of Bundled Pricing

Becker's Hospital Review

Historically, a cardinal rule guiding decision making in hospitals was that administrators made decisions on administrative matters, but decisions impacting physicians and their practice of medicine could only be made by other physicians. However, as organizations respond to current cost and quality pressures by making pricing more transparent through bundling…