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Cultural Implications of Population Health Management

Population Health News

The rapidly changing healthcare environment has pushed healthcare delivery organizations to adapt to new regulations, new technology, new customers and new partnerships. Preparing to take on population health management is increasingly on the agenda as providers are challenged to provide better quality at lower cost. To do so successfully will require…

The Challenges Facing Dr. Population Health

Population Health News

The bad news continues daily. Current generations are on track to live less healthy lives than previous generations for the first time in history. Yet healthcare costs keep rising. As the industry tackles this challenge, the “population health” buzz is everywhere—and it means different things to different people. It means…

The Path to Population Health

Trustee Magazine

Healthcare in the U.S. is being challenged from all fronts, with changes in regulations, reimbursement, competition… and even the definition of the consumer.  This shifting environment has caused considerable economic concern among all of the stakeholders: providers and physicians are worried about revenues, and payers and patients are worried about…

Making the Transition from Volume to Value

AHA’s Center for Healthcare Governance

With healthcare costs now claiming nearly 20% of GDP and quality lagging behind benchmarks, the urgent need to ensure better care at lower cost is increasingly plain to healthcare leadership. Providers at all levels need to begin the shift from a volume-based model to a value-based one that offers the…

Critical Management Tools for Getting Costs Under Control

Physician Leadership Journal

As the national debate continues over spending, deficits, taxes and the fiscal direction of he country, one point of general agreement is that fundamental change to the American healthcare system is needed: healthcare costs must be brought under control. As hospitals grapple with ways to adapt, physician leaders have a critical…

Engaging Boards in the Transition from Volume to Value

Healthcare Executive

Hospitals face profound operational and cultural challenges in meeting the demands of value based reimbursement, reference pricing and transparency. As they take on more risk and focus on outcomes based performance, Boards as well will struggle with the need for transformational change — what it means for their organization and…