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Financial Viability and Cost Improvement

Three Keys to Defending Your Margins


Healthcare consolidation took a new turn this year, and in a big way. On top of deals by Anthem and Optum to acquire delivery operations, the formation of the Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan (ABJ) healthcare partnership has raised anxiety to unprecedented levels. Margin compression was already a fact…

The Role of Finance in Managing Variation in Clinical Cost and Quality

hfm Magazine

As a response to mounting healthcare costs and concerns about the quality of the care those dollars are buying, payers increasingly are exploring ways to bend the cost curve and improve quality to yield greater value. For healthcare delivery organizations in this environment, strategic alignment with clinicians has never been…

The Silver Tsunami

Physician Leadership Journal

There is a looming population group poised to impact the US healthcare system with a voracious appetite for healthcare. The group has been dubbed the ‘silver tsunami’– a name that our research shows first appeared in a 2002 paper by University of Nevada, Reno professor Mary Finn Maples. So how…

How to Address Cost Outliers

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The spiraling costs of healthcare in the U.S. have precipitated a tangible backlash — as demonstrated by the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010 — that suggests that demands for better care at lower cost are not simply going to go away. In light of…

Improving the Bottom Line: Prioritizing Cost and Quality Initiatives

Numerof Brief

Imagine the following case… The executive team is meeting to decide which cost reduction projects to fund.  Each has a supporting “business case”, but everyone knows the numbers are soft.  Comparing financial impact across projects is difficult, and debates about assumptions and scenarios to test lead to months spent on…