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Market Access in China

BioPharm International

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers consider China as one of the most important strategic markets for future growth. It’s the second largest market in the world after the United States. More importantly, China currently accounts for less than 3% of global revenue for most major pharmaceutical companies, leaving significant opportunity for expansion…

Market Access Outlook for France

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe

In France, the pricing and reimbursement landscape is certainly changing. Take for instance the case of Gilead’s Hepatitis C blockbuster, Sovaldi. According to clinical trial data, 90% of patients for whom this drug is indicated for are for all intents and purposes cured upon treatment completion. A few years ago,…

Market Access Outlook for Australia

BioPharm International

The pharmaceutical industry is grappling with pressures including changing business models, a more competitive market, shifts in customers’ demands (e.g., patients and providers), major patent expiries, shifting technology, constrained budgets, increasing scrutiny from payers and regulators, and fundamental questions regarding the industry’s integrity. Many of these internal and external pressures…

Value-Based Healthcare in the UK

Pharmaceutical Technology

Bio/pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom have recently been struggling to convince the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) that their products are worth the price. “Although obinutuzumab is a clinically effective treatment, there were too many uncertainties in the company’s submission and we cannot be confident that…

Germany Post AMNOG: Insights for BioPharma

BioPharm International

Manufacturers exploring opportunities in global markets face dynamic demographic and disease trends, changing market demands, and evolving regulatory requirements—all of which differ from one country to another. While emerging markets continue to represent a new channel of demand for pharmaceutical products, manufacturers have quickly realized that significant attention must still…

India’s Developing Market Offers Opportunities

BioPharm International

Recognizing that emerging markets continue to play a significant role in terms of future growth, most major pharmaceutical companies have accelerated efforts to strengthen their presence within these markets through R&D investment, licensing deals, acquisitions, or other partnerships.  However, with global markets facing dynamic demographic and disease trends, changing market…