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Healthcare Delivery and Payers

The Numerof 2020 US Healthcare Delivery Outlook


As the US heads into an election year, healthcare will be in the spotlight as never before. We expect both parties will be under pressure to propose solutions that appear substantive without threatening benefits that many consumers value. The current administration is likely to continue its incremental steps toward a…

The Numerof 2020 US Health Insurance Outlook


As our Numerof 2020 US Health Insurance Outlook infographic illustrates, this year’s story for health insurance will be about dramatically changing roles and relationships. You’ll engage in new and different ways with providers, consumers, employers, regulators, medical device makers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. All this will come in the context of…

Coming to Terms With Care Migration


The migration of care from inpatient (IP) to outpatient (OP) and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) settings is revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Beginning with cataract and cosmetic surgery more than a decade ago, the list of ASC procedures has grown to include endoscopy, colonoscopy, anterior cruciate ligament and shoulder repairs, sinus and…

Built to Flail: Why the Culture of Healthcare Needs to Be Addressed, Stat!


The chief innovation officer of a highly regarded integrated delivery network recently lamented: “Getting people to change is the hard part.” This is a common refrain in administrative suites and medical executive committee meetings as healthcare systems struggle to respond to a marketplace where new competitors and delivery models are…

The Future of Care Isn’t in Your Hospital


It’s a tough time to be a health system chief executive officer (CEO).  Rising consumerism, new competition, and payment models designed to keep patients out of acute care are forcing hospital-centric enterprises to rethink their delivery models.  Articles and news feeds rife with stories about hospital closings, layoffs, and the…