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Healthcare Delivery and Payers

Numerof State of Population Health Survey

Population health management has become a national topic of conversation, but to date little effort has been devoted to tracking the actual progress that’s been made towards value-based models of care. Numerof partnered with Dr. David Nash, Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health, for our second annual in-depth, national look…

The Numerof 2017 US Healthcare Delivery Outlook


We expect the outcome of the recent presidential election to accelerate the pace of change for healthcare delivery. The underlying dynamic – affordability and effectiveness of current care models — has yet to be substantially addressed by changes to the reimbursement system.  As our 2017 Healthcare Delivery Outlook infographic illustrates,…

The Numerof 2017 US Health Insurance Outlook


As our Numerof 2017 US Health Insurance Outlook infographic illustrates, this year’s story for health insurance will be about dramatically changing roles and relationships – not to mention political and legislative uncertainty. You’ll engage in new and different ways with providers, consumers, employers, regulators, medical device makers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Taking the Leap into Provider-Owned Health Plans

Trustee Magazine

Provider-owned health plans are commanding a larger share of the strategic dialogue in hospital boardrooms. POHPs aren’t a new phenomenon. Emerging from a history of mixed success in the 1980s and ’90s, they have gained popularity as the industry moves from volume- to value-based payment and as risk shifts from…

How Hospitals Can Grow in a Value-Based World


As part of their growth strategy, more hospital executives are seeking to extend the geographic reach of their centers of excellence.To do this successfully, they’ll need to move beyond the hospital-centric focus of past expansion efforts. They’ll need to build an efficient, high-quality-care model that spans the continuum; the marketing…

Six Actions to Prepare for a Transparent World


Greater transparency is coming to the healthcare delivery industry. The current spotlight is on the new (and controversial) overall hospital quality ratings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – but the introduction of this rating system isn’t just a passing fad, it’s a sign of the times.…